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Curb Ramps &

Garage/Driveway FAQ

Curb Ramps

  • How many should I buy?  

    • The units are 4 feet. A minimum 2 can work but we recommend a minimum of 3. 

  • How many does a normal double driveway require?

    • We recommend 5 to make for the use of the complete width of the driveway.

  • How do they stay in place?

    • We use a 5/8 inch heavy duty strap/crimp sleeve method or heavy duty zip ties to strap the curb ramps together. They are black in color and can be cut with any pair of scissors. 

  • Can you split them?

    • You can split curb ramps, but then you run the risk of missing them and with your wheel hitting the gap at a pace.

  • What about theft?

    • In over 25 years of being in the business fewer than 5 cases of theft have ever been reported. If you are worried we recommend painting your address on them with white or bright colored paint.

  • How do I know they will fit my curb?

    • The curb ramp is universal and works on every type of curb. We will come to your house and show you prior to any purchase.

  • How long will they last?

    • Our curb ramps are guaranteed for 15 years.  Many last longer than this.

  • Do I have to remove them I the winter?

    • We recommend waiting for the 1st major snowfall then dragging them off to the side of the driveway. Curb ramps do not require any indoor storage.​​


  • My driveway has dropped unevenly. Can you fix that?

    • We can create a custom ramp that will be adjusted for any change in drop.

  • Is winter a problem?

    • No the ramp will stay in place year round.

  • How does it stay in place?

    • A heavy duty glue is used to keep the ramps from moving.

  • How high can you provide a solution?

    • We have built ramps as high as 12 inches, but can feasibly go higher.

  • How much is delivery?

    • Delivery is $15 for Edmonton and area , $20 for Calgary.

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